My name is Jacob Eck.
Web Designer & Front End Developer

I'm more than a web designer

To most people a web designer is just a person that can make their site pretty. While that is a large part of our job it is not the only thing we should strive to be. I can deliver attractive sites, but I also solve usability problems and strive to make the user experience as enjoyable as possible. My skills translate beyond the website and into interface design, mobile apps and user experience.

My time away from the computer

I have many things I love doing in my spare time, but I will spare you and only hit the big ones.

  • Family   to me family is everything. My wife Amy keeps me in line and our family in order. My 4 year old son Austin is very...energetic. He loves all things Batman. My 2 year old little girl, Allison, is pretty amazing too. She loves dolls and shoes.
  • Church Camp   Church Camp? Yes. This kind of falls into the family category for me. I have been going to the same camp since before I can remember. Literally. I have never missed a year that I know of. I have been a counselor and I am about to have my 6th year as a co-director. So you see, those people are family too.
  • OKC Thunder   I'm a big time Thunder fan. I am a season ticket holder and I love going to games and I love watching them on TV. It is a love that I seem to be passing on to my family, immediate and extended. Maybe I can rub off on you too! GO THUNDER!
  • Games   I say games in general because I love video games, board games, iPhone games, actual sports, or even made up games. I'm a competitor and I like a challenge. Want to race?
  • Halloween Costumes   At Phase 2 we always dress up for Halloween. I like to have fun with this and try to use my creativity. There may or may not be pictures floating around of me dressed as a Lawn Gnome, a Nerf Dart or "Office Assassin".